7 tips from an interior decorating pro

To make your apartment more modern and attractive enough for receiving guests and for living in general, you will need to approach this issue very responsibly. Firstly, competent preparation and well-chosen design will be half the key to the success of a good and very good repair. Secondly, a good team of pros. But today we digress and talk about the seven main secrets of interior design.

Tip number 1

Estimate the actual dimensions of your living space. The first thing you need to do is take a good look at the layout of the room, objectively assess whether it is worth painting a small room in complex colors, especially if it already has dark furniture. Of course, the smaller the size of the room, the lighter it is to choose shades for interior design. The best option would be harmonious natural combinations of shades. For example, gray and pink colors, blue with a hint of baked milk, wine and blurry blue.

Tip number 2

Daylight is everything. How the design of your home will look depends largely on the amount of light from the street entering the room. It is the location of the main windows that can be concluded which of the colors for the interior will be predominant. If the window openings face the north side, then it is better to make the interior of the room in lighter shades. Perfect for such a room: peach, cream, herbal, sunny yellow, coffee, sand color and shades of white.

Tip number 3

Color combination. Do you want the best results? Decorate the room in different tones of the same color.

Tip number 4

An area of bright colors in the room. Many people do not like too bright colors in the room, because this is not entirely appropriate. But do not forget that when using "brightness" in moderation, they allow you to create amazing compositions. In addition, this solution will allow you to profitably divide the room into several zones. With the help of saturated colors in the interior, one or another zone can be distinguished, and light companion shades will help facilitate perception. These include: beige pearl, white, pale pink, pearl.

Tip number 5

Mirrors are another nuance of high-quality design. To decorate the room as best as possible, we recommend using mirror surfaces of different sizes, but an important aspect will be their harmonious combination with other interior items.

Tip number 6

Decoration moment. You can diversify the interior in many ways, but the presence of numerous items in this room will be inappropriate. Decorative figurines, paintings and other accessories are best moved to another room. The room may differ in the smallest set of such items. To decorate the room, good and very funny additional lamps are suitable, giving a dim and warm light. Figurines or landscapes in the paintings will also help to relax at dusk or at night.

Tip number 7

The last point I would like to note (back to the colors) is the shade of blue in the room. An aristocratic or even “lordly” color (blue) or indigo is often referred to as an office color, but you shouldn’t rush immediately after your Smart casual, because in everyday life, in your apartment, this color will look great on all elements of the room decor. If you want to make such a room warmer, you can complement the interior with various accessories in light shades or ivory. Decorations of a golden, chocolate or sand shade will look great. This will help add sensuality and style to the room.

Now you know all the wisdom of the best design of your apartment. We wish you good luck in choosing the best decor. You will succeed.

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