A dozen items that should definitely be in your home

A high-quality interior is always good, and if it is also modern, it is generally ideal, but what is a high-quality interior? This is where there is no place for bad taste and stupid design decisions. Everything should be in moderation, nothing superfluous, but also without a deficit. Today we will name ten items that must be present in any apartment. We begin.

1. Live plants. There's no doubt about it, don't even try. Plants emit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide - this has long been known to everyone, since the fifth grade biology course. In addition, in addition to a useful environmental factor, there is an element of pleasure and aesthetics. Green plants will perfectly fit into the decor of your room and will give you good and warm emotions.

2. Good mattress. Did you know that people spend over 30% of their lives sleeping? Therefore, in order not to spoil these statistics, you need to choose the best mattress for good and quality sleep. Do you want your body to rest, and the next day it will be like new? If yes, then take care of it.

3. Bookshelves - reading - light to the future. Enlightenment is generally a cool thing, but if you don’t have time for this or a special desire, then book shelves can turn into decorative shelves. If you have children, you can put all kinds of crafts, drawings, papier-mâché flowers, etc. on the shelves.

4. Curtains on the windows - there is not even much to talk about here, but still it is necessary. The most stylish curtains will bring your home an unforgettable harmony, comfort and order. You will be pleasantly surprised when you see how pleasant autumn morning light seeps through good curtains.

5. Some black. You don’t need to make a funeral home out of your apartment, but a shade of black must be. After all, the balance of white and black has long been known to everyone, so do not overplay here, look. Make just a couple of catchy accents and your apartment will change beyond recognition. A black vase or lampshade, or maybe a dark gray, almost black floor - all this will make your home completely different.

6. Lamps and candles. No need to think only about romance, because even during a regular candlelit dinner, your family will feel much more comfortable. Warm, slightly diffused light from a candle or lamp will fill your room with pleasant tones and give an unforgettable experience.

7. Your soul. Yes, yes, your photos from trips, travels, photos of your idols, or collectible cars - all this will indicate that you are fond of something in life, and every home should have such a corner.

8. Relax, fight. Yes, indeed, a place for meditation or simple relaxation should also be in every apartment. Everyone has their own - someone has a courtyard of the house, someone has a separate room. But what if the area does not allow? Everything is simple! Your bathroom will be that place. Getting hot water and sitting on a cold winter day is the perfect pastime.

9. Fashion, and more. No matter how you dismiss the fact that you are not interested in fashion. Will not will, you still want to buy some fashion accessory. After all, a trend is always cool. Decorate your apartment with something like that, and you will see how cool it looks. Designer shelf, countertop, cabinet, rug, etc. - all this will make your home even brighter.

10. And finally, works of art. If you are a musician, you can make your own corner for your instrument. If you are into painting, be sure to leave room for paintings that you have painted yourself. Are you into poetry? Also allocate yourself a table with a small table lamp, and only you and the paper will be left alone in the evening ...

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