Creating an interior in the loft style

In order for a particular style in interior design to appear and then gain popularity, you just need to wait until people's living conditions change. In other words, people adapt to the difficulties of life and come up with original solutions in order to make this very life easier for themselves. The same story happened with the advent of a new style in interior design - the "loft" style - which still pleases many residents with its originality. So how do you equip a home in this direction yourself? Now let's figure it out.

Translated from English loft means "attic". For the first time this style originated in America on the border of the 40s and 50s. Many industrial buildings began to be vacated, and workers moved to another place; however, the buildings themselves did not have to be empty for long. They quickly began to be occupied by people who did not want to pay big money for renting residential premises; renting space in industrial buildings was much cheaper. So, adjusting to the unusual decoration of the new environment, the residents had to look for practical, but at the same time outwardly digestible solutions that could put their new home in order.

What are the main features of the so-called "living loft" (living space in the specified style) that distinguish it from other design ideas?

First of all, it is, as usual, work with space. Loft - a room in which there should be a lot of free space. High ceilings, the minimum amount of furniture, the "empty" center of the room - all this allows you to increase the visual component of the area, to make the room seem more voluminous. Moreover, they are trying to unite the space into one whole: they remove partitions between adjacent rooms, refuse separate rooms, etc. There are even options for lofts in which the bath and toilet are not fenced off from the common room (this solution will suit you only if you live alone).

By analogy with the “pioneers of the premises”, from which this current began, the windows in such a dwelling should be panoramic. In general, the loft, unlike many other interior delights, is known for the predominance of natural color over artificial. With it, a minimum number of electric lighting devices is installed - if during the day they are not needed at all, then at night they perform, rather, an “atmosphere-forming” function. Perhaps this is the only part of the industrial interior that does not carry special functional significance.

Wall decoration in a modern loft does not require large expenses - most often concrete walls coated with special impregnation for a better appearance, or brickwork (as well as its imitation) prevail here. In this case, the lack of money can even become an advantage - the industrial style is especially appreciated with an unusual combination of design accuracy and narrow-minded rudeness. Various scuffs, prints, chips in the walls and so on - all this will only benefit your apartment and make its design unique.

The floors in the loft are most often made of wood or concrete-like coating. Ceilings, on the contrary, almost do not touch. Literally everything that is under the ceiling can and should be used as part of the design, and not hidden; for example, wooden beams will look unusual and delight the eyes of guests, but they should be varnished to prevent mold and decay. Pipeline elements or large-sized parts of household systems (like a hood) are most often made part of another element, also without hiding it.

Household appliances are one of the most logical elements of a modern loft. Like any other style, it is focused on practicality, which means that all the electronic amenities at home that make life easier for us can and should be built into the overall composition. They are distributed by zones in the room related to their purpose; usually loft zoning depends directly on the taste of the owner and, as a result, is not dictated by generally accepted canons. However, you should also avoid a large number of large appliances - because they litter the space!

Finally, a few words about the decor. There are a huge number of options for what your loft can be. This is a glamorous loft, a hi-tech loft, a minimalist loft and many others. Even within the same subspecies of industrial style living spaces, there are significant differences. Nevertheless, when choosing one of them, you must definitely stick to it and not try to mix the incompatible. Lighting devices must be made in the same style, the scenery cannot contradict each other; you should not choose materials that do not fit into the “industry” of the loft (otherwise it will no longer be him). Only under the guidance of the main direction of the idea, you can give free rein to your imagination and create your ideal interior!

Thus, the loft style really looks organic in modern realities. If you are a creative person looking for something unusual in life, a young lone wolf who does not plan to start a family or live with anyone at all, or you just have a little money, but you are planning to remodel your home, then industrial design is the best choice. solution!

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