Decoration of a children's room

The children's room is one of the coziest and at the same time the noisiest rooms in the entire apartment. Although a mess often reigns here, one of our main treasures is located in this room - children. That is why the room should be as comfortable as possible, and most importantly, safe, so that the kids, who will grow up very soon, always feel comfortable.

In principle, it’s worth starting with the fact that the design of a children’s room is generally different from a regular bedroom or living room. Here, pastel colors do not always look advantageous, and even more so, minimalism. Children usually like bright colors, various accessories, paintings on the walls. Let's look at each component of this room separately.


When choosing furniture, you should pay attention to the most important aspects - environmental friendliness and safety. The health of children largely depends on the first point. It depends no less on the second one - but in this case, the main thing is that the risk of injury is at zero level.

You need to take into account such a factor as the number of children. As a rule, one or two children are accommodated in the children's room. For two children, a bunk bed is often used. If the children are still too young, then it would be better for them to sleep in separate beds for up to five years.

You also need to take care of the safety of the kids and do not place any pieces of furniture with sharp corners in the children's room. Everything should be exceptionally soft, because getting injured is very dangerous and easy. This means that in the case of installing various cabinets, their corners can be closed with an easy chair or sofa located nearby.

As for the mattress, it should be suitable for the child, you can opt for the orthopedic option. This is not worth saving. Naturally, all materials from which furniture is made must be natural and environmentally friendly. This greatly affects the health and growing body of the baby.


The flooring in the children's room can be anything, but preference should still be given to the carpet. This is a soft material, sitting on which, children will be comfortable and warm to play. You can combine such a coating with a warm floor system. It will especially not interfere with preschool children, who often sit on the floor and play with toys. To make the children not only warm, but also soft, if you choose linoleum, parquet or laminate, you can lay a carpet on top, on which you can not only sit, but also lie down.


It's no secret that children often draw on wallpaper. If you approve of this, you can purchase ordinary paper wallpapers that are easy to re-paste. You can do otherwise, ahead of the child and pasting the wallpaper already with the finished pattern. It can be stars, trees or animals - in any case, such pictures will brighten up the overall look of the children's room. Wallpaper with a pattern can be vinyl or non-woven - each of the options is of high quality.

In the children's room and decor items should be childish. It is unlikely that a child will be impressed by a landscape or a still life proudly hanging on the wall. It is better to hang some kind of poster on the wall, put accessories-toys on the nightstand. In any case, in terms of accessories in the children's room, you will not accelerate much, because because of their curiosity, children can simply drop or break the same vase or figurine. Decor items are not the main thing in the children's room, since it is not a fact that they will remain safe and sound, and the children themselves may suffer. In extreme cases, family photos with a child can be hung on the walls - it will be interesting for him to look at them.


This is also one of the important aspects of the design of the children's room. Since this is not a romantic loggia, it is hardly necessary to make accents here. Enough powerful general lighting coming from a classic chandelier. You can also add a floor lamp, which will be located near the bed and at the same time decorate the interior. As an alternative to this lighting device, a wall lamp will act. You should not put expensive crystal lamps in the children's room - this lamp, like any other, can fail quite quickly.

For older children
When children grow up, they have a need to study and go to school, which entails an increase in the amount of furniture. The room must be equipped with a workplace, a cabinet for stationery and textbooks. A place in the room can be found after redevelopment of the old furniture layout.

What should be avoided?
When arranging a children's room, many make fairly common mistakes, which we will warn you about.

1. Use of cold light fixtures. This is not an operating room. Cold light here will simply be inappropriate, and many children will definitely not like it. Warm light is suitable for a children's bedroom, and a lamp that allows you to adjust the power of the light beam is ideal.

2. Although your child is still small, it is not at all necessary that his room is full of toys and colorful textiles. Everything should be in moderation, because in a room that looks like a souvenir shop in the market, your eyes will simply run wide.

3. Location of the bed. It is not a good idea to place this piece of furniture near a window or doorway. In the first case, the child can be blown out, and in the second, he will experience difficulty falling asleep due to extraneous sounds that will be clearly audible.

4. Too high cabinets with large shelves. If the baby wants to get something, it will not be easy to do, and there is a threat that some thing may fall and injure the child.

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