Ecostyle in interior design

It is not necessary to travel two hundred kilometers from the city in order to be in a close family circle in nature, frying a shish kebab and perfectly seclude yourself with nature. Now that designers have come up with many decorative interiors, things have become much easier. Modern eco-design in the interior of your apartment is already a salvation from noisy avenues and boulevards and city gas pollution. Today we have to figure out what it is and how it is used in practice. We begin.

Before telling you about eco-style in apartment design, you need to understand three basic terms:

Eco-design and eco-style does not include plastic, plastic and other polymers. In addition, it is not recommended to paint parts of your interior, the maximum that you can do is to prime the surface or use a stain.

Despite the widespread opinion that nanotechnologies are closely related to eco-style, because they are aimed at the economical and most humane handling of natural resources. Take the same, for example, dishwashers and washing machines that consume water as economically as possible, thereby conserving the resources of nature.

Ecological cleanliness of the materials used, uncomplicated lines and shapes - all this contains eco-style.

In addition, the main ranges of eco-style are natural colors: woody, deciduous (green, light green). Also, you will be absolutely right if you use pure and unambiguous tones: sand, beige, white, blue, gray, blue, grassy, dark brown or brown, black in a small amount, pale yellow and others. The thing is that you try to choose shades based on how this color looks in real life (nature). The more similarities there are, the more “natural” and more beautiful.

Stone, glass, only fresh wood - the main list of all materials that should prevail in the eco-style of your interior.

Furniture and others

adjective accessories should also carry simplicity and “good character” and “soul”. Slightly pointed shapes, exceptional wood and uncomplicated execution - these are the main criteria for furniture in eco-design. In addition, you can decorate your walls with stabilized moss, flowers or phyto-pictures, it will fit chic into your natural interior.

In the bedroom, you can lay out the ceiling with wooden bars, in the living room, again, use only natural materials - parquet or laminate - a great choice for the hall. The kitchen or dining room should not be devoid of modern appliances, however, instead of a table made of sawdust, it is better to take a countertop made of epoxy or natural wood.

Bathroom, you will be surprised, but it can also be partly wooden. Yes, of course, tiles, mosaic tiles, etc. - all this is present, however, the frame for the mirror can be made of natural wood, and the table of moisture-resistant wood. In addition, if the area allows, the tree can take up more than 70% of the bathroom. If you lightly spray all these tables and mirror rims with pine or any other spray, you will have a real home sauna!

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