Errors in the design of the workspace. 9 tips for good design.

Force yourself to work can sometimes be very difficult, especially when working from home, when there is a cozy bed with a soft blanket nearby, and your favorite movie is already loaded on your laptop. The workspace is designed to inspire you, so it must be convenient and comfortable. Otherwise, in addition to burnt deadlines, you may begin to experience health problems - back pain and eye irritation.

What are the most common mistakes that occur when designing a place to work?

-Wrong table.
-Wrong chair.
-Wrong computer location.
In an effort to save space, the table is often pushed into the darkest corner of the room, where even a chair is difficult to pull out. The desktop should have a suitable size tabletop, and around it - a space for free movement, at least 70 centimeters. If there is not enough space, consider using transforming furniture, a window sill, wall-mounted folding tables.

The table should not be placed close to the wall - this will create a subconscious feeling of discomfort, being in a confined space. A popular solution is a table in front of the window, but because of this, the computer screen can glare on a clear day. A universal option is a table perpendicular to the window or to the side, then the workspace will be illuminated by daylight, but it will not add discomfort.

If you are only using a laptop for work, then a small tabletop space may be enough for you, but if you draw, write and draw, then make sure that there is enough space for everything. The table should be high enough for you to sit comfortably at it with your elbows resting on it.

The chair should be the right size for you - your legs should rest on the floor, not hang in the air and not bend too much at the knees. The back should be high, it should be supported by the entire back, and not just the shoulder blades or lower back.

This is a matter of your health - such a mistake can cost you problems with the cervical region and vision. The monitor and keyboard should be located directly, the screen at eye level or slightly lower, at a distance of 50-60 centimeters. If it’s so bad to see, don’t sacrifice comfort for the sake of health, make the font larger in the settings.

There must be a lamp on the desktop, using only the main light of the room will not work - you will throw light on everything in front of you. Too intense or too dim lighting will irritate the eyes, here you have to experiment to find the one that suits you individually. It is best to choose LED lamps with sufficiently warm and soft lighting - they will create maximum comfort for the eyes, but do not forget that warm light subconsciously disposes us to relaxation and relaxation. Try.

It is more pleasant to sit down at a neat, clean desk and immediately start working than to look for a pen among stacks of documents. Place all the constantly necessary things on the table, the rest - in the shelves of the table or wall organizers. Provide a place to store garbage so as not to litter the space, but rather two at once - on the floor for large and on the table for small.

8. Decor.

It’s not worth creating redundancy and variegation that distracts from concentration, but a cold, extremely practical workspace is not attractive either. Leave two or three accessories that will delight you - a framed photograph, a poster, a small plant. You can use a corkboard or a magnetic board with a visual depiction of your goals and steps towards it - it is both useful and will create the necessary feeling of comfort.

9. Color.

Don't forget to use the basic rules of color perception. A bright accent space will interfere with concentration and reduce your productivity. For creative professions, a warm, juicy palette is more suitable, but the rest should not be limited to white and gray. The best options are basic tones mixed with shades of blue and green.

A work corner is a place where you should be pleased to be, so it should be selected according to your individual preferences. A combination of easy design rules and personal desires will allow you to create a space where you will be as efficient and calm as possible.

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