Feng Shui in the layout of the apartment

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui came to us from Ancient China, literally this name is translated as "water and wind". This is the Taoist practice of symbolic exploration of space. Feng Shui is called differently: art, teaching, science, pseudoscience.

We independently shape the space in which we are, in accordance with our tastes and preferences. The place in which we live, which we ourselves have created, affects our psychological state and thinking, we subconsciously perceive the symbolism of those things that surround us. Chinese wisdom claims that home furnishings can affect all areas of life, so everything is important in Feng Shui philosophy, even small details that seem insignificant at first glance.

Feng Shui Basics.

Treatises about this doctrine were written several centuries before our era, and now their own schools of Feng Shui are still being created, each of which explains the doctrine in its own way. But there are a few key concepts that can be distinguished:

qi energy is a life force that is in constant motion, correctly directed and concentrated flows of which provide benefits to a person,

yin and yang - two primordial forces that are controlled by the universe, dark and light beginnings, they cannot exist without each other,

wu-hsin theory - the theory of the five elements, according to which any phenomenon is a synthesis of the qualities of water, fire, wood, earth and metal, harmony and prosperity can be achieved only by balancing them,

bagua symbol - a sacred octagon, each side of which corresponds to a compass direction and one or more values.

Bagua symbol


First of all, the apartment should be divided into zones, this is done using the bagua symbol and a compass. After that, the zones must be activated in accordance with the rules.

Health zone.

It is located in the middle, uniting all other zones. To activate it, it is good to use wooden objects (table, figurines), fruits (fresh or painted). Ideally, a crystal ball will be located in it, which will collect energy in itself and direct it to other zones.

Wealth zone.

The wealth sector is located on the southeastern part of the apartment. For the free circulation of energy, this space must be clean and uncluttered. Wooden elements, green, gold and purple colors, water are responsible for this zone. Images of fish and aquariums will be very useful here, and if you want to increase energy, you can place mirrors.

Zone of love and marriage.

This sector is ruled by earth and fire, so pink, red, orange, sandy and golden hues will look relevant. The main symbolism must be a pair, to create the right atmosphere, you can use beautiful decor and scented candles.

Family zone.

It is located in the east, it is better to have a kitchen or a bedroom here. This site should contain family photographs and relics, a large number of plants. It should be well lit, so if there is not enough natural light, you should use artificial lighting to the maximum.

Zone of wisdom and knowledge.

The sector of wisdom is located in the northeast, its main elements are earth and fire. It is best to use brown, yellow, red and orange details, you should refrain from black, blue and green. Geometric prints are suitable, especially squares and triangles. The zone belongs to the number 8, so it is worth thinking about its use, for example, to arrange eight books.

Zone of children and creativity.

Here, gold, white and silver are considered to be the main colors, since metal and earth rule this sector. In the interior it is worth using children's drawings and toys, and if the couple is only planning to have children, then metal talismans should be used.

Career zone.

This sector is responsible for social status, relationships at work and wages. They are dominated by water, so you can arrange the appropriate prints and blue, blue, gray and black shades. The best option is to put a desktop here.

Assistant and travel zone.

The sector is responsible for bringing useful people and travel to life. The activation of this zone is due to photographs of people who help in life, landscapes of other places.

Glory zone.

The element of this zone is fire, it requires red shades. It is organic to use awards and certificates, metal figurines of birds - an eagle, a crane and a dove, good lighting is necessary.

Feng Shui is a huge teaching that has been developed by sages over many centuries. Its capabilities cannot be covered in the format of one article, but we tried to tell you the main features that can change your life and life for the better.

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