High-tech style in the interior of the apartment

A modern interior can be represented by a wide variety of styles and directions, depending only on the preferences of the owner of the home. This article will focus on a style that has recently gained popularity among other design solutions for arranging an apartment.

The name "high-tech" comes from the English "high-tech", which literally means "new technologies". This style arose at the turn of the 70s and 80s of the last century, when almost all spheres of life were dominated in one way or another by late modernist and postmodernist trends. Initially, it served as a kind of protest of society against the "overly decorated" life; high-tech was designed to save people from "unnecessary, redundant" beauty in favor of functionality and practicality of solutions. Hi-tech is a unique field for creativity in this regard, where high architecture is combined with practical solutions through the widespread use of technology. Perhaps that is why the style of "high technology" has become especially popular, including in the 21st century.

Of course, the "high-tech" style has a number of important rules and canons, which form its ideological basis. First of all, it is minimalism. The high-tech interior should have a minimum amount of decorations. Thanks to this conceptual solution, the “clearing” of space is also achieved, freeing up space, which makes the apartment as a whole more spacious. The second idea of \u200b\u200bhigh-tech is monochrome. An interior in this style cannot be built in colors that differ greatly from each other - it is important to observe the construction of color and its shades. Minimalism is an art not about details, but about a holistic composition; therefore, in a minimalist interior, this or that detail is rarely highlighted with color. And, finally, the third key rule is the functionality and practicality of any piece of furniture. High-tech as a style was created primarily for the convenience of life, so here every detail should have its own practical purpose.

But these are just the basics - knowing only them, a person is still not able to equip an apartment in a given style.

A sense of space is achieved in hi-tech through the construction of textures and chiaroscuro. So, it is important to alternate the materials of adjacent interior fragments of the same color: if the floor in the room is a black laminate, then it is no longer profitable for a plant to choose a black floor pot with a “wood-like” texture, because then its ideological content will be lost in the common space; in this case, it would be better to consider a ceramic black pot, or choose other contrasting shades (gray, white, etc.).

When building a high-tech apartment, you should completely abandon the wallpaper. This solution has a poor quality effect on the amount of space; due to the haze of the material, there are not enough reflections in the room, the space seems smaller compared to its actual size. A similar remark applies to the floor: it is better that its surface remains glossy and shiny.

Chiaroscuro also works well with filling space; however, high-tech dictates its own certain "values". Light should not come from only one point, even if it is a powerful lamp. More light sources create more shadows and lighting angles - objects begin to take on a more multifaceted shape, which, of course, only benefits both individual interior items and the entire interior as a whole. You should also not limit the flow of light through the windows, from the street by hanging various types of curtains and curtains. Textile elements are also almost never used in this style.

You should seriously think about the furniture that fills your interior. It has two main tasks: 1) it should be light and simple in design and 2) it should have a wide functionality. The modern market can offer a huge variety of solutions in this area. At a special price will be furniture elements made of glass and metal - the unspoken symbols of high-tech style. This applies in particular to solutions related to the installation of shelving, bookcases, coffee tables and other similar items. However, do not get too carried away with this - do not forget that the less extra furniture in the interior, the better.

A few words should also be said about the choice of scenery in this style. High-tech scenery is very dangerous - it is important not to overdo it with them, because the line between a qualitative addition to the overall composition and redundancy is thin. If you doubt your skills in selecting suitable decor elements, you should generally abandon them as such. By doing this, you will not harm the interior - just slightly slow down its compositional integrity, which is unlikely to be noticed by your ordinary guests. A good element of decoration for an apartment of "modern technologies" can be considered a canvas with a painting in the style of pop art or similar postmodernist trends. The main thing is to remember about the compatibility of colors.

Finally, I would like to remind you that experiments in any style are important. Only by experimenting with your tastes and decisions can you achieve the greatest harmony between your inner desire and its outer manifestation. And if high-tech is one of the ways to build your ideal home, then we can only wish you good luck in exploring such an interesting and mysterious design path.

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