Light cleaning rules

Cleaning is a process that few people like, but which everyone has to deal with at least once a week. And the monthly general cleaning can turn into a real hell, dragging on not even for a few hours, but even for a whole day and for both weekends. To make cleaning faster, more efficient and “painless”, we have put together a few handy life hacks for you.

Planning. Creating some kind of your own “schedule” and developing habits will allow you not to accumulate a mess quickly, and as a result it will be easier to sort it out. Divide household chores into three categories - "daily", "weekly" and "monthly" and follow your own order. For example, make your bed every day, wipe kitchen surfaces, wash dishes and clean your workplace. The "weekly" include washing floors and cleaning litter from carpets, changing bed linen and towels, washing, cleaning windows, mirrors, kitchen appliances. The rest - in the "monthly", just do not forget to set aside time to complete these cases.

Dust. Start wet cleaning from top to bottom. When you wipe surfaces, dust, dirt and crumbs fly to the floor. First - surfaces, and the vacuum cleaner and mop - the very last, final stage. Before wet cleaning, be sure to remove all items from the surface; there is no point in wiping around a vase of flowers, since the main “dust collectors” are the decor elements themselves.

Location. Think about the storage space in your apartment in advance. If the place for charging the phone is far away, on weekdays it will remain in the outlet; a bookcase in the next room - books will gather dust on an armchair. In the wardrobe, you can have a separate small laundry basket so as not to store the future streaking on a chair. In each room, you can put a small trash can - a small vase on the desktop will not bring harm, and extra papers will no longer be stored on it.

The beginning is a mess. Deal with one room at a time, it will save you more time. First - the first room, then all the others. We put the items that are out of place in it in a separate bowl and after the order in the first room we carry them to their destinations. Then the result will be visible faster, and it will take much less time than if you travel all over the apartment with every extra thing.

Organization. The more objects on one surface, the more chaos they create, therefore, the cleaning seems larger. Group things into neat organizers and boxes so you don't have to deal with each jar of perfume on your dressing table individually. It is also worth combining all detergents into one portable box - carrying it around the house with you is much more convenient than looking for each bottle in different rooms.

Habits. There are several useful tricks that steal just a couple of minutes of your time a day, and save hours during cleaning. For example, in order not to spend a lot of time on the bathroom, you can fill the toilet with cleaning liquid on a weekday morning, and only spend a couple of times with a brush in the evening; light cleaning of surfaces can be done while brushing your teeth, and so on.

Cleaning in the kitchen. Wash the dishes while cooking, while the kettle is boiling or the oven is heating up. Always leave your kitchen clean at night. A small effort that will allow you not to litter the room, and in the morning you will thank yourself. Dust in the kitchen eats in the worst because of the amount of fat - you can use newspapers or cling film in cabinets to keep their surfaces clean at all times.

There are many cleaning hacks that have been tested for years and generations - everyone wants to make their life easier. Do you have ideas of your own or carefully handed down by your grandmother? We have told you everything we know and use, share it with you.