Mirrors in the bedroom

If a mirror hangs opposite the sleeping person, then his soul wanders in the other world; if a mirror hangs next to the bed of the spouses, then quarrels and betrayals await them; if a mirror hangs in the bedroom of an unmarried woman, then she will remain lonely - in general, there are a lot of superstitions about the mysterious matter that reflects reality, but now mirrors are one of the main attributes in the interior that can fit into any design and enliven the room. So what are their advantages?

In addition to the obvious function of a mirror - to look at yourself or choose the best outfit in your wardrobe, designers highlight several advantages of using mirrors in an apartment:

1. Expansion of space. The smallest room in terms of volume can visually increase in size with proper use of mirrors, in some cases twice (mirrors from corner to corner, from floor to ceiling). However, here you should observe the measure - it is unlikely that you want to be afraid of your reflection in the mirror in the morning waking up.

2. Structural adjustment. Mirrors can “dissolve” unsuccessful designs and unnecessary ledges in the interior.

3. Change of perspective. A difficult trick that should be done with care if you do not want to end up in the mirror maze of your own room. With a good location, mirrors can change the perspective, break the space, add mystery and intrigue to it.

4. Light amplification. Mirrors can copy the reflection of a window or artificial light. Thanks to such an imitation, the room will look cleaner, lighter and more airy, and there will be freedom in the room.

5. Decor. The mirror is an element in which you can give free rein to your imagination. It does not have to be a simple geometric shape, you can make up a whole composition from them that will complement your room and make the design complete. Here it is important to observe proportions relative to the rest of the furniture, but otherwise you are free to create and create your own art object, not only aesthetic, but also practical.

Equipping a room for sleeping, it is worth understanding the types of mirrors, there are only three of them:

Embedded. They can be located inside the wall or any piece of furniture. The advantage of this type is that they absolutely do not take up space, however, they make it impossible to redevelop in the future.
Floor (mirror-psyche). Such mirrors can look bulky and sometimes even “eat up” space, but they can be installed in any corner of the room and change their location constantly.
Wall - type of mirrors, which are mainly advised to use by designers. There are no problems with them - they transform the room, save space, and are easily removed during repairs. Of the minuses, one can be distinguished - they rarely come with furniture, which means you will have to look for a room that suits your style on your own.
Before using mirrors, you should also turn to the advice of psychologists, since this decor item can greatly affect a person’s well-being. For example, experts do not advise placing mirrors in places where they will reflect trees or street lights - this can cause anxiety in a person, and children may develop a fear of mirrors.

After combining the opinions of designers and psychologists, some of the most successful places for a mirror in the bedroom stand out:

above the bed at the head;
on the wall, located on the same line with the head of the bed;
on the side walls (not opposite the bed);
on the ceiling (not above the bed);
on the dressing table;
on cabinet doors
in a darkened room.

Tips for choosing a mirror:

it is better to choose a wall mirror without sharp corners; according to Feng Shui, oval and round mirrors make the room more calm and comfortable;
when choosing a large product, you should give preference to the one in which you will see yourself in full growth;
now on the market you can find a large number of curly mirrors - they harmoniously fit into avant-garde and high-tech styles, and in other designs they act as a bright and unusual accent;
small framed mirrors go well with paintings and photographs - from this you can create, although not very practical, but an interesting composition for decor.

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