Modern trends in the interior of apartments and houses

The concept of a trend in the interior cannot be correlated with the ordinary concept of fashion, which can change every season. It is rather a reflection of the trends and ideas of modernity, signs of the development of culture. Trends are designed to meet the needs of a real person and contribute to solving his problems. Bad ecology, information noise, constant stress are the reasons why the topics of awareness, simplification and minimalism are becoming the most relevant.

Free, concise space. The demand for furniture that saves space has only grown over the years. A trend that preaches some asceticism and conciseness came to Europe from Asia, teaching people to give up excessive consumption, busy rooms, and the desire to limit themselves to only important things. Freedom provides ease of movement around the apartment, and simplicity and lack of variegation not only allows you to make the space visually larger, but also helps a person from the metropolis to cope with stress, relaxing the mind that constantly absorbs information.

Comfort. A minimum of things and a maximum of benefit is the motto of modern apartment design. Grandiose smart home projects may not take root well at this stage of their development, but the trend towards convenience and ease of use can be seen in the details - bedside tables are equipped with mobile phone charging stations, lamps serve as speakers, and even beds can gently nudge towards a healthier posture. in a dream. Technology has long become inseparable from everyday life, and now it is becoming more and more dense in design, making spaces the most modernized, practical and harmless.

natural motives. However, the popular stylization of the modern apartment is at odds with the technological explosion. Many reputable Russian designers note that the trend is calm and tranquility, there are more and more requests for the use of natural materials and natural textures. Such a direction makes a person closer to nature, creates a feeling of harmony with the outside world in the house, which is especially lacking for busy residents of large and most urbanized cities. A separate sub-point here is the growing popularity of design with "rustic" motifs, which is carefully mixed with modern and vintage elements, creating unusual and pleasing to the human eye combinations.

Wabi Sabi. Among the trends in design, those that came from Asia occupy a special place; in the interior of apartments, the most sensational among them is the Japanese wabi-sabi. Initially, wabi-sabi is a philosophy, a reaction to the dominant trends and opposing itself to them - excessive decoration and wealth, and the name of the style can be translated as "modest, simple and unpretentious beauty." The aesthetics of this trend is the search for beauty in imperfection, authenticity in all aspects; it implies asymmetry, simplicity, modesty and naturalness of all processes and phenomena.

Palette. Trends among flowers do not plan to change dramatically in the coming year. Number one among them are natural and earthy colors. “Projects, literally one at a time, using grass green as an accent color,” confirms Elena Bogdan, designer and architect of private interiors. But the spectrum is not limited to muted green, sand-beige, gray, brownish and yellowish shades of different saturation are also among the favorites.

Retains its relevance and freshness palette - pastel, mostly mint green and light yellow, creating a positive atmosphere and personality.

Of course, the color classics do not disappear anywhere either - blue tones, calm and cool, possibly going into green and gray shades. They go well with accents in the form of natural colors, also reminiscent of naturalness.

Accents. After choosing the main style and preferred color in the interior, it is necessary to think over the details that can complete the composition and make the image complete and complete. Among the colors, designers advise using a brighter yellow and lavender palette as an accent, but it’s up to you to decide what exactly will attract special attention in your apartment - there can be unusual lamps that blend with any atmosphere, wallpaper with patterns that convey the atmosphere, carpets with geometric or graphic patterns. Definitely, trends are not something worth chasing when furnishing your own apartment, you should not forget about your own personality, adding a decor that will give the design a piece of you and your personality. But modern trends literally breathe attention to taking care of yourself, your condition and the world around you, create harmony in your soul and around you, so they are definitely worth a closer look.

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