The perfect kitchen interior and six steps to get there

Functionality, practicality, a bit of beauty and the kitchen is ready - these are the qualities that this part of the apartment should have. Good and trouble-free working water taps and drains, serviceable kitchen appliances, tiles firmly and securely holding onto the walls - this is the dream of any housewife. For now, everything is working like a clock, the walls are as clean as possible, and the ceilings are white, and in the bedroom and in the living room there is no need for repairs yet - no one except those who like to change the interior design (despite all the material, psychological and physical costs ), he does not dare to start repairing the apartment.

So, in order to come to a good and proper kitchen design that will accommodate harmony and practicality, you need to go through only six steps, which we will now name.

Finish the walls and you're done

After they are firmly plastered and upholstered with good material, they can begin to be finished. That is, to bring in the divine style. Different decorative stones or ordinary designer painting - all this can lead to the desired result. It is important to remember that any materials for finishing kitchen walls must meet the target requirements, the overall design of the kitchen, while echoing the overall design of the apartment.

MDF panels

Among the materials for the perfect finishing of kitchen walls, MDF wall panels stand out with their universal design and ease of installation. When installing them, the small unevenness of the walls made during the repair of the apartment is not critical. Kitchen sets and countertops have a place to be lined with this material.

flexible stone

Now such material is made from sandstone or marble chips, while a thin layer of natural raw materials is applied to flexible fiberglass. It is mounted without problems, does not emit harmful substances, is durable, withstands temperature differences in the difference from -45 to +6 ° C. Finishing material is easy to install, aesthetic, because it has many textures, colors and patterns. It is for the kitchen that such a stone will be the ideal solution; in the kitchen there are high temperature conditions, such a stone can withstand them.

TV in the kitchen

If you decide to install the TV in a place where it will not interfere with you, none of the family members will object to its presence in the kitchen, it will not interfere with anyone. A TV with a small screen size will harmoniously fit into the interior of a small kitchen. A kitchen in a studio apartment will require a TV with a larger diagonal, but easy to use without modern additional functions, because it is unlikely that the hostess will put on glasses to view 3D images when preparing lunch or dinner.

Furniture in the kitchen

As a rule, a set in the kitchen is simply necessary: put down cutlery, pots, etc. all this is necessary. Don't want it to take up a lot of space? Fine. We have our own solution. Save space in a small kitchen can be furniture with hinged lifting rather than hinged doors. Shelves in cabinets should be of different heights to reduce the space between items placed on these shelves. The retractable design of the pencil case, inserted into a narrow stand, will allow you to maximize the use of the internal volume of the cabinets. If you need to fill cabinets with dividers and organizers, then any little thing will always be in sight, you won’t have to waste time on unnecessary searches.

Work island in the kitchen

Naturally, the sea is out of the question. The workplace should also be present in the kitchen. You can even fill out the documentation in this place of your housing. We do not promote the use of alcohol, but a cozy kitchen island that combines a bar counter will help you conveniently organize the zoning of the kitchen space. The location in the thickness of the island of the hob may not be possible if a ventilation exhaust device is not provided during the repair of the apartments.

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