The surest way to decorate the living room

We will not hide the fact that a beautifully decorated living room, or as it is sometimes called, a hall, will incredibly delight you and your guests. After all, it is in this part that, as a rule, most of the people gather. With the fact that the living room is the "heart" of any apartment, we figured out, it's time to talk about how to properly design the hall (living room) so that you and the invited guests are pleased. We'll figure out.

You need to have an understanding that in the main room of the apartment all the most important things always happen - family feasts, important conversations, celebrations and parties. And therefore, since everything is “cooked” here, it is necessary to think over the interior and decoration of the hall in such a way that all the furniture does not interfere with the free space in the center. Thus, designer tables, sofas, furniture, all this needs to be moved to the sides of the room. However, it should be noted. If you do not lead a particularly active lifestyle, do not invite guests, and generally live on your own, then a coffee table and a TV in the center will completely satisfy the “thirst” for decorating the living room.

Let's talk about style. This is where things get a little more interesting. As a rule, many owners resort to the classics. That is, all the tones of the living room will be dark green, gray, white and quite a bit of black. All sofas and other furniture will be made without any frills, but at the same time with taste.

Another thing if we are talking about retro style. Gramophones and old TVs are all part of the retro-style interior. Armchairs with curved legs, antique upholstery curtains hanging over the windows - all this takes us to the era of the 1950s-1960s.

Fast forward now to the 21st century. Modern style has already been described in one of our materials. It is characterized by maximum smoothing, the absence of sharp corners. Only beautiful furniture, modern appliances, such as laptops, TVs, toasters, etc.

Colors. To start, we recommend thinking about what the color scheme will be in the living room. There are no particularly strict requirements here. Everything is done on a voluntary basis. However, your taste should be subtle. After all, color combinations are an incredibly important process.

If you really want to create maximum comfort in the living room, then the best option would be for you to use warm tones and din. For example, red (not very pouring, without aggression), yellow, orange and beige. If the room that will be wallpapered or painted is mainly made for relaxation and rest, then cold colors - blue, blue, gray, light lilac, etc. will be great here. It is advisable not to do the ceiling in black or dark paint, this will reduce the space and create pressure on those present in the room. When choosing colors, remember! Each of the colors of the rainbow or even a shade can have the following effect: it visually changes the space of the room area. The lighter, the room seems to be larger and vice versa. For example, dark-colored walls and a light-colored ceiling will help increase the height of a room. Also, do not do too much monotonous and boring finish, like putty, etc. Dilute it with colorful paints.

Finally, let's say that there is no clear plan for arranging furniture in your living room. Of course, it is not recommended to pile everything in the middle of the room and then jump over TVs and tables. Here you already decide how it will be convenient for you. Well, of course, it all depends on the style of the room you choose. One way or another, with the right tone of colors, you can make your living room irresistible!

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