The choice of furniture in the apartment

Of course, a home will not stand with bare walls, no matter how beautiful the floor and wall covering you choose. In this article, we will help you decide what to focus on when purchasing furniture for various rooms, what characteristics to pay attention to and what to avoid.

Living room

It’s worth starting, perhaps, with one of the most important and most spacious rooms in the entire home. It is here that the whole family most often gathers in full force, and it is this room that is honored to arrange friendly and family gatherings. Surely, every owner or hostess wants both guests and family members to be comfortable using the furniture in the living room. In addition, the furniture should make a pleasant visual impression.

Of course, it will be much easier to equip a living room in a large private house than in a small Khrushchev, but even in this option you can find a wide range of stylish furniture.

If earlier living rooms could boast of large bookcases, now this element has gradually changed to wall cabinets and cabinets for a plasma TV. You can also use cabinet modular furniture, and place shelves with all sorts of little things and accessories on the walls.

If possible, you can place a decorative or real fireplace in the living room - such an element will bring a touch of comfort and a special atmosphere to the room.

Be sure to have a small sofa or couch in the living room. You should not pile up in the room, especially if the size does not allow, a sofa complete with two armchairs is a favorite set of living rooms for Soviet citizens.

Also be careful with the number of shelves - it is important not to overdo it here, otherwise the accessories on them will look simply tasteless.

It is not necessary to try to occupy the entire space of the living room or just "copy" the room from some magazine - do not be afraid to create an individual design.


This room is the most comfortable and intimate in the entire home, so the furniture should be chosen here in such a way that you can fully relax in the bedroom after a busy day.

Of course, the main piece of furniture in the bedroom is the bed. Not only should it be comfortable, it is also worth paying attention to the material of manufacture. It should not cause allergies, and it is desirable that such material be as durable as possible.

If your health requires it, you can purchase an orthopedic mattress. In any case, the main thing is that it be comfortable - the comfort of your sleep and even health in general depends on this.

The bed may also have additional drawers in which bed linen can be folded.

However, it is clear that the bed is not the only piece of furniture in the bedroom. Bedside cabinets are usually located right next to the bed. Here you can put everything you need, as well as arrange decor items. Right on the nightstand may be quite appropriate to be a night light.

As a rule, in the bedroom there is a large chest of drawers, inside of which bedding is folded, as well as some clothes. A chest of drawers is a fairly large piece of furniture, which is also often placed in a children's bedroom. In this case, the dresser has a special lid that does not accidentally fall and does not injure the child.

In general, the bedroom can be used not only for sleeping, but also for aiming a marathon. This is especially true for women. If the bedroom is spacious, in one of its parts you can place a special corner with a mirror and a table where you can put cosmetics and other items to create beauty.

It is clear that all pieces of furniture in the bedroom should support the same interior style. It is desirable that the main colors of the room are not too bright - this does not always contribute to comfortable relaxation. Often the emphasis is on white and its shades.


Although this room is rather small compared to the rest of the rooms, you need to choose furniture for it quite responsibly.

Basically, the main material for creating kitchen furniture is wood. A large assortment of modern kitchens allows you to choose exactly the one that fits into the overall style of the interior, and in general will sink into your soul. At the same time, it should be emphasized that wood often entails high costs, but for many years it pleases with its quality and durability.

Another popular option is chipboard. It is also durable, interacts well with moisture, but it has a lower price. Approximately the same characteristics are inherent in such material as MDF.

It is also worth paying attention to the material from which the facade, countertop and other components are created. Of course, it is worth choosing furniture such that it is resistant to constant exposure to temperature changes, grease and water.

In general, pieces of furniture in the kitchen should be in balance with the flooring. In general, it all depends on the preferences of the buyer himself, as well as the size of his budget.


Balcony or loggia - like a separate, small apartment. It is vain to think that this is just a space where you can put old and unnecessary things. Modern designers will help create a special style in this room, and after such a transformation, spending time on the balcony will become much more comfortable.

As for furniture for the balcony, it should not be heavy, bulky and take up a lot of space. For this purpose, one of the best options is wicker furniture: armchairs, couches and more. Alternatively, you can create such furniture yourself if you have special skills.

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