Increase sales on your website

Roomgram is a convenient and multifunctional platform for creating and publishing 360 and 3D widgets. We help businesses improve sales by an average of 43%

How does it work?

  1. Upload photos or 3D models to our service

  2. Customize viewing and functions

  3. Select additional options

  4. You pay

  5. You receive ready-made code for your website

  6. Paste the code into the site

How does it work?
Create Widget

Why do you need Roomgram widgets?

Product widget

Increases sales

A three-dimensional product model looks more attractive than a regular image

Increases sales
Product widget

Product widget

Attracts new clients

The widget keeps even casual visitors on the site

Attracts new clients

Product widget

Reduces returns

The client receives maximum information about the dimensions and properties of objects even before purchase

Reduces returns

Product widget

Stands out among competitors

Surprise your customers with new features of your website

Stands out among competitors

Creating Widgets

To create 360 widgets you need to upload several photos of the object

For 3D widgets – download the 3D model in .glb format and configure via the Roomgram widget configurator


Select widget type

Widget 3D

Widget 360

Create Widget

Widget builder

In the Roomgram widget builder, you configure sizes and other parameters and add the widget to the site

In the Roomgram constructor you can also adjust the size of the work area In the Roomgram constructor you can also adjust the size of the work area
Create Widget

Widget settings

Change the widget parameters the way you want: sizes, colors, angles, buttons

Schematic representation of the widget Widget settings

Why do we need widgets?

3D content improves brand interaction, increases brand awareness and allows to break through competition in saturated markets

According to Forbes, 3D marketing increases brand conversion by 40%. When customers use 3D models and a 3D configurator, they are 20% more likely to buy a product

  • Increase conversion

    Widgets increase the number of registrations, applications and orders on the site, which leads to increased profits

  • Increased benefits

    A site with widgets attracts more users than competitor sites with regular images

  • View depth

    Widgets increase the time spent by the user on the site and the number of pages viewed per visit

  • Reducing returns

    Buyers receive maximum information about the size and properties of the product even before purchase

Advantages of Roomgram widgets

  • Optimized for any device and any browser

  • Safe transactions

  • Payment for ready-made widgets

  • Flexible payment system - the more, the cheaper

  • Simple widget builder functionality

  • Possibility to immediately post on the site

How to use the constructor Roomgram widgets?

  1. Select widget type (3D or 360)

  2. The widget has been created, now you can customize it

  3. To change settings, click on the checkbox

  4. Below you will see the cost of the widget, and on the right - settings

  5. You can also open the widget on a separate page


Payment for widgets

Click on the checkbox of the widget card, the price will appear below, the number of months for which you want to pay for it, and the Order button, after which the widget will be successfully paid for

Payment for widgets Create Widget

Widget card

Widget card

Widget prices

You can purchase any of the packages

  • 3D model

    Open full screen
    • 1 floor

    • 1 an object

    • 5 replacement options

    • 2D background


    0 USD/per unit per day

    0 USD per day

  • 360

    Open full screen
    • 1 floor

    • 1 an object

    • 5 replacement options

    • 2D background


    0 USD/per unit per day

    0 USD per day

detailed information

Additional options - selected and configured in the widget designer

  • Remove Roomgram logo

  • Your logo

  • Replacement options

  • Share

  • Object Configurator

  • Buy button

  • Mockup Configurator

  • 2D mode

  • Environment map

  • AR, VR

  • How many widgets can I buy?

    You can purchase each of the five widgets from 1 piece before 10000pcs. The larger the package, the more favorable the conditions - price per 1 the widget decreases as the tariff increases.

  • Is it possible to increase or decrease the number of widgets?

    You can change the number of widgets at any time. Payment is daily. During the day you can activate the tariff change only once. Changes take effect immediately and last for at least one day. For any change, there must be an amount on the balance to write off the entire 1 day ahead.

  • If you have activated the tariff and want to make changes, but the full day has not passed?

    You can make changes; they will be displayed in brackets in the line with information about current tariffs and will take effect exactly one day after activating the previous changes if there are sufficient funds on the balance.

  • What happens if the time comes to write off and there are not enough funds on the tariff?

    All packets will be reset to zero. Published widgets will become unpublished. Please top up your balance in advance!

  • What currency is shown in my balance?

    Your balance contains funds in the currency that you chose at the very beginning during registration and replenishment is always carried out in this currency. You can change the currency only through technical support.

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